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Classic Cat High Classic Crystal Edition 12 kg

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High Classic Crystal Edition 12 kg

High Classic Crystal Edition.

Ultra-fine clumping litter baby powder scent in premium quality. This cat litter to get the security to offer your cat one of the highest quality cat litter. High Classic Crystal Edition consists of 100% natural concrete, which is unique in today's cat hygiene and sets standards. High Classic Edition Crystal Cat Litter with Baby Powder fragrance stands for premium cat hygiene, how you and your cat have never experienced it.

It consists of fine bentonite with odor-absorbing silicate crystals and prevents odors more than other cat litter. Therefore, it is also perfect for households with multiple cats. Extreme absorbency, lightning-fast clumping and the sensitive properties of the bentonite stones offer the ultimate in comfort. Especially for sensitive cats paws the light microscopic and fine rounded bentonite stones are recommended.

The immediate effect of the bentonite stones and the silicate crystals binds moisture and odors. The resulting lumps can be seen easily. So you fight all sources of bad odors and bacteria - the cat litter box is always fresh and clean.

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  • High Classic Crystal Edition 12 kg
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Bentonite, 3% silicate.

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